CLOSED: Deliver Creative Designs and Templates consistent with Pocket Network Brand Guideline

Creative Designs for Pocket Network Foundation

Socketeer: Osinachi Patrick (@sinachpat)

Email Address:

USDC Wallet Address (ERC20): 0x12F9FB8B910A74638176cdF53605b34DE2a8c83B

Type of Socket: Experiment

Total Socket Cost: $2k, paid and reviewed monthly for 80 hours of work monthly.

I will work in the open and self-report monthly with a weekly review with Zak as he has consented to that.

My Figma board link and process documentation and reports will also be stored here:

I recently got free from other engagements and have been pursuing an opportunity to contribute to the project. I have been able to identify some needs and this is me submitting a Socket proposal to take on these responsibilities.

I have been working on this proposal for a socket with reviews from Zak, and we have been able to refine it down to this current needs within PNF:

For the 1st month:

  1. I’ll be identifying all the key concepts that need to be designed for in the documentation.
  2. I’ll be identifying all use cases of the creatives, on both the technical documentation and possible other creative designs.
  3. Create the moodboard for the designs.
  4. Design the wireframes/sketches of identified ‘things to be designed’ in the plan, up to 80 hours of work throughout the month.
  5. Do weekly check-in with Zak.

2nd month:

  1. Convert the designs to branding elements if they’re ready from the Raid Guild working on it.
  2. Create a moodboard for the next phase of design – after analyzing any new needs from PNF.
  3. Start the wireframes of the templates for marketing, events and campaigns designs up to 80 hours of combined work throughout the month with the 1st item for this month.
  4. Design creative assets for the “Pocket Supports” education initiative by PoktNews.
  5. Identify more concepts in the technical documentation and design the infographics.
  6. Weekly review with Zak.

Hey @SinachPat - this socket is open.

A couple items I’d like to put in writing:

  • Sockets are intended to be self-driven, so my expectation is that you will work to drive these initiatives without oversight.
  • Design can be subjective - I’ll do my best to provide guidance, but ultimately you’ll need to do what you think is best for the protocol!
  • Instead of a weekly meeting, I propose that we do a kickoff meeting ( and then a 25m check in every other week. I’ll expect you to provide the agenda so we can get you unblocked on all the items you need input on.
    • You may consider doing a weekly update in this thread so others can see progress, which allows for feedback and course correction if necessary. Ideally this will give lots of visibility and increase the likelihood of the socket remaining open.

Excited to see what you create Patrick!


I’m excited to be taking on this responsibilities and it’s time to deliver!


So I already kicked off on this, setting the structure for executing and reporting my work.
I have take time to capture the context of the work ahead and asked some questions important to me right now which can be found here:

Towards making Pokt a Top Tier brand :sparkles::blue_heart::rocket:

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Report for work done in October:

  • I worked on design for Social media announcement for Scroll implementation in Pocket Network.
  • I worked on a design for the Ecosystem chart of Pocket Network Foundation in collaboration with Zak.
  • Had regular check-ins with Zak.
  • I worked on a Visual storytelling design for the Sockets program in PNF in collaboration with Ben (still working on this).
  • I prepared a bucket to collect design needs from the stakeholders in the Foundation
  • I was able to setup the structure for effectively delivery creative designs for PNF, outlined a list of all the concepts in the Pocket Network Documentation to design the infographics and visual storytelling for.
  • General edit to pokt burnt graphics.
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After speaking to Patrick, we’re setting this socket value to $500 for the month of Nov and will re-evaluating the impact + value at the end of this month.

I’d encourage any community members that need design work to reach out to Patrick this month and report back so we can keep this socket going as he delivers value to POKT network.


First time interacting with sockets,and would love to contribute to the network through this socket…how would this go…

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Are you looking to do design work, or request design work to be created?

Overall socket info can be found here:


We looking to do design work…we are thinking of doing explainer videos about different components of the protocol in an easy to understand way…

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Hey Mike -

Why don’t you move into our and DM me there? This thread is specifically for the socket that Patrick has opened.

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Report for work done in November:

November was my second month working on this Socket and I have been able to make some discoveries, learnt some lessons and took notes of things that could be done better to organize design efforts in Pocket Network Foundation, while also delivering some design requests within the month.

My Discovery

The Creative Design workstream is still young at Pocket Network Foundation and this is understandable as the team has been more invested in building the core protocol of the project. This basically means that the team has had more engineering core team members and outsourced most designs over the years.

In PNF, Design is currently relegated as an afterthought and mostly outsourced to agencies which currently is expensive to say the least.

The idea of outsourcing some design needs to multiple parties not only will be expensive for PNF (financially), it’ll also create a lot of design debt across the different touchpoints in the ecosystem.

I look forward to working closely with the team in the coming months to implement a system where we have a thriving design organization actively delivering quality work.


As the project heads into its growth marketing era, it’s important to organize the design efforts in Pocket Network Foundation. We can build a standard guide that would enable even external contributors or other community contributors to ensure they keep designs consistent.

Building a Design Organization in Pocket Network Foundation

To ensure there’s a structure for delivering top tier, consistent and user-friendly designs for Pocket Network Foundation. I created a guide here for building a design organization in Pocket Network Foundation.

Design an Internal Component Library & Pocket Wallet Redesign

I’ll be working on a design system to ensure that the brand guidelines is followed across all touchpoints.
Within the scope of this Socket, I can distill different concepts of the Pocket DNA into design elements, create an inhouse component library based on the current brand guideline which can be used to redesign the Pocket Wallet. It is also right to mention that the current Pocket Wallet is based on the old design and would need a redesign while keeping its functionalities – this can be added to the list of design tasks that would be delivered in the coming weeks/months based on priority.

I also think outsourcing the redesign of the Wallet (in the form of a POP or formal contract to an agency) would be more expensive, but this is just a thought shared.

So it’ll be ideal to add this (component library design & redesign of pocket wallet) to my list of tasks for the coming months.

Aligning with the Marketing/Technical Documentation lead for Pocket Network

I got in a chat with Patrick Skinner earlier this week and will be meeting up with Adz later next week to discuss some of my ideas of how to build a design organization here in PNF to allow me to effectively deliver good designs, this follows my already thriving relationship with Zak. This is an exciting progress for me as I’ve been able to connect more with the team overtime and I’m looking forward to the work we will be pushing out together in the coming months and bonding more with the team towards contributing to the ambitious goals that Pocket has for 2024 and beyond.

Design tasks done for the month of November

  1. I worked on the draft for the design organization strategy. It can be found here. This is a draft and will be updated as I learn more about the Pocket Ecosystem with time.
  2. I designed the banner for discord channels.
  3. I designed the banner for the discord main server.
  4. I designed a visual for the Morse Builders Call.
  5. I finished setting up the new brand guideline in my design board – ready for the next steps which would be building on the foundation to create a component library that would help in future platform designs.

Comment on the new website

I think the new website was executed well, aesthetically, it’s inline with the brand guideline. These are just a few things I found from it that can be quickly updated if they are necessary.

  • There is no testimonial section in the website.
  • The website currently doesn’t have a form to collect email addresses for email content marketing – newsletters.

Final Remark

I look forward to the exciting work ahead and how all these plans comes together to make the look and feel of Pocket Brand stand out.


December 2023 Report

This was the last month of the year, came with the holiday too, basically had me working on some community creative assets and linking up with other contributors to understand their needs.

Assets delivered

  • Community channels banner
  • Demo video of Hedgey Finance
  • Gif file for server icon

Proposed work I’ll like to explore for the new year

  • A design of some platforms like the Pocket Wallet to fit the current brand identity and to improve on the experience for users. Adding more features in line with the development of the ecosystem so far and launch of the wPokt.
  • Work with the PoktNews guys on a weekly creative assets delivery, if the needs arises.
  • Collaborate more with the community team, on events, initiatives, presentations etc.
  • Collaborate more with the developer relations team on documentation and content design.

It is good to note that I’m still working on a 1 hour time allocation for this socket, which I will be discussing with Zak later to know if that’s still a good time or any need for an increase.
Looking forward to all the amazing stuffs we’ll be building for the community this year! :blue_heart:


Thanks for the update Patrick.

This socket remains open for January.

I do want to ask if the 1 hour time allocation is a typo? I assume it’s missing a digit. In either case, I want to flag that this socket has not delivered on impact for the last month; the number of assets delivered is low, and a couple have required revisions (which is generally okay). There’s plenty of design work that could be done across the ecosystem, and finding and delivering on that would be really helpful to the foundation and community.

January has seen new sockets opened around documentation, and your list of proposed work means there is plenty of opportunity to solve problems and deliver high quality assets. I’m looking forward to a productive January with all the content that needs to be delivered!

Additionally - I’m asking all open Sockets to join us next Thursday for the Builders All-hands. I’d like to encourage people getting paid via the DAO to know what’s going on with the protocol, and have a forum to ask questions and cross pollinate. Matteo will run the first half w/ developers & protocol, and then I’d take the second half to review sockets work. The goal here being more cross-pollination and collaboration, so looking forward to you showing up and sharing on Thursday!

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January Updates

This socket has been supporting different functional teams within the ecosystem including Marketing & Comms, Community, Contents & Documentation with some design needs. Looking forward to the new month and works to be done. For the month of January:

  1. It delivered discord server Touchpoints designs for the Banner, Invite OG, and guide banners.
  2. It delivered partnership designs for the social media/marketing efforts of the reliable PoktNews team.
  3. Delivered a content design for a forum to docs post migration.

Currently working on,

  1. Working on the second content design for the forum to docs post migration.
  2. Doing a user research to propose an updated UX design for the Pocket Wallet.
  3. [Fill your design needs] I’m a text away in the Pokt Network discord server.

Hey @SinachPat - this socket has been open for a little over 4 months, and you’ve been an active community member and contributor.

We’re going to close this socket down, and appreciate all the many contributions you’ve made over the last months.

There’s a couple of key items to note here:

  1. Bounties are opening later this week (we’re currently populating them and testing the system), which I think you’ll find are a much better way to work on design requests. This work will be scoped and there won’t be any of the unclear overhead you’ve experienced so far. It’s likely it will be a better value as well.
  2. We have many design needs that we discussed in your first month of opening a socket, especially around the docs. I think these are still valuable and could make for excellent bounties.
  3. Design as a socket doesn’t seem to work in the current DAO format; finding work to be done, without leads to identify and prioritize the work makes it very difficult. Again, bounties seem to be a good interim solution.
  4. I understand you’re working on a couple of audits / projects at the moment. You have a couple options: either stop doing that work, bring it to the DAO as a proposal to finish it, or finish the work and share it with the prospect of retroactive funding being a possibility (but not guarantee, as it needs to meet qualifications for driving impact).

If other contributors, like @PoktNews , want to continue to work with you for design requests, I think there’s a discussion to be had how to request or spend DAO funds on bounties. Let’s open that topic and nail it down.

Thanks again for the work you’ve done, and i’m looking forward to continued opportunities to work together.