CLOSED: Assist the Building of 3D Governance

Governance Socket

Ambition you plan to support:

Ambition #5: Pocket has the healthiest culture and governance of any DAO

One of the leading successes for Pocket Network has always been the focus on creating an anti-plutocratic governance system. This was recognised by Messari and others and the DAO has been a source of pride for Pocket.

With Ambition #5 being focused on revamping and expanding the DAO governance system with the implementation of 3D Governance, this socket is aimed to help PNF + the DAO build out 3D Governance for Pocket.

My background is in the design of incentive systems, where I have worked for Fortune 100 companies and hold a Patent in the space. Additionally I have worked for PNF in a trial capacity to help with the design and build of 3D Governance.

This Socket will continue my work with PNF, assisting in the design, creation, testing and modification of 3D Governance for the Pocket Ecosystem.

Creating a healthy environment and set of tasks for Governance inclusion is imperative to the long term successful functioning of the DAO.


Working primarily alongside Ben but with likely additional assistance with/to Zak, in the strategy, design, build and testing of 3D Governance. To include suggested best-practise on Governance Task and reward design, writing of tasks, testing and feedback of existing tasks, incentive mechanism design and collating feedback. Review would consist of similar deliverables that have already been provided to PNF in the evaluation, design and rewrite of the Community DAO and DNA quests.

Monthly I’d expect to tackle a new section of 3D governance (Citizenship, Staker, Builder etc) as well as contribute to the overall architecture of governance. This can be reviewed and upcoming tasks discussed in a call with associated PNF members. This timeline would be dependent on PNF and those developing 3D Governance to create content or approve my creation of specific content to build each block of 3D Governance.

I’ll be making a monthly report here of my progress, although as I’ll be working with PNF on all tasks, they’ll have a clear view of my monthly impact ‘in real time’.

Type of Socket:

This is an Initiative style Socket, asking for $2000/month. I expect this to be a 3 - 6 month long Socket, depending on 3D Governance implementation and feedback.

Committment to “Default to open”:

I will work in the open and self report monthly. I will work closely with PNF, who will be able to monitor my contribution and provide feedback as needed.

Historical Impact:

I have been active in the Pocket Ecosystem for more than 2 years. I have a full time job within Pocket, as well as having worked for PNF on multiple initiatives. I have written several proposals, including dropping inflation from 4000% → 8%. I am a senior member of the community and believe I’ve shown a strong track record of commitment to Pocket.

Wallet address for Socket payments

Eth/Poly for USDC: 0x6Ff1Aa5dd99A169F5077ECB54Af3E65E7B4daf9B


Thanks for jumping in here Cryptocorn! Excited to have you working with us on some of the upcoming governance mechanismsm.

Per the recent changes, this socket will open Feb 1 and be paid in USDC. Can you drop an ETH wallet address here for us?

@b3n for visibility.


@Cryptocorn we need an eth address please!


Here is a link to the research, report and recommendations for 3D Governance:


Nice article, thanks for putting that up. I have some questions/comments:

Regarding the OG power vote poll, you say

the Median answer was for a 10x possible delta, and the 50% point of the distribution sitting at a 2x increase.

… this report believes that a 20x maximum power distribution is an optimal balance between correctly rewarding the most impactful members of the community

I think that the poll was a good exercise but is not representative enough, the median of 10x is just an artifact of the provided options and should be discarded. The 2x on the other hand may hold some information. So, when you claim that 20x is an optimal balance, that’s more opinion than data, but that’s not a problem, we can agree or not with it, I just wanted to point that out.

Regarding “quadratic” voting you say

It is important to note that although partially mitigated via the use of quadratic voting, the more money and therefore POKT tokens a member inputs into the Stakers House requirements, the more voting power they will accrue. This method of voting power accrual can no longer be defined as anti-plutocratic, as more money inputted into the system results in more voting power awarded.

This is true but we can change the square root for other more penalizing exponent, i.e. go from 1/2 to 1/3. What I mean is that if we feel that the system has a high plutocracy degree we can easily change that without modifying the model as a whole.

In your calculations you show that a new member vs an “OG” member have a power ratio that ranges from 5x to 18x depending on voting ecosystem, does this mean that the actual model is OK or you argue that in any ecosystem the “OG” member should have at least a 20x?

Regarding the new proposed house, the “Governance House” , can you explain further which kind of action would lead to power in this house and how they differentiate from the Builders House?


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Thanks for your thoughts Ramiro! OK let me answer them as best I can:

  • 56 people took part in the survey. I agree that a wider survey and more answers would give more accurate results, but to get a high-level overview from engaged community members, it was a good start and a useful piece of data, but certainly not exhaustive.

  • I do mention that it’s my personal belief that 20x is a correct delta- but yes, it is certainly my view and not authoritative!

  • Re: Quadratic voting - I knew you would comment on this, so specially put that comment at the end in the notes just for you :grin:. But good point on changing to 1/3 or another exponent. While I personally think 1/2 is fair, it gives us more tools should we need them.

  • I was actually surprised to see that the numbers for a more mature ecosystem came out so close to what I was proposing. I understand there are some major changes coming, so will wait for those before attempting to apply the above and make recommendations.


I’ve written a memo on how to incentivize and optimize Quick Grant reviews and potential strategies to employ, based on a request by PNF:


Hey @Cryptocorn - wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done on this!

I also am confirming per our conversation that we’ll be closing this quick grant up to free you up for observer duties, and bringing some of these learnings into that role.

Excited to see the evolution of this!