Client Identification and Developer's Throughput Problem


Abuse and unauthorized usage of a developer’s throughput by an Application Client.


If the protocol has no confirmation mechanism for each client using a developer’s throughput, then any client with the public Developer ID can utilize the allotted bandwidth.


The Pocket Network protocol needs a way to confirm that an Application Client is from a specific developer.


Within the Pocket Ecosystem, an Application Client is any
person using an app built by an Application
Developer (defined in 3.1.2 of the whitepaper).

You could use an access list(s), which has a list of lists of each approved address for an application client, while each address is registered through a KYC process, and could be administered through a proof of authority network, and each transaction through each address/account it signed with a private key (secured e.g. via ECDSA).

A more decentralised alternative would be a web of trust.

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