Bug Bounty Program with Immunefi

Hello POKT community,

Joe from Immunefi; web3’s leading bug bounty platform. (https://immunefi.com/)

I am reaching out today for a partnership between Immunefi and POKT.

We will help create/review a BBP and connect your project to our network of elite whitehat hackers specifically in the web3 space. We have the best hackers in the space and that is why we have the biggest bounties; $10m with Wormhole, another $10m with MakerDAO, and plenty more bounties.

During the launch and in an event of a critical vulnerability, we will help with co-marketing and communication to the POKT community and the crypto space.

We have no onboarding/maintenance fee. 100% performance-based fee.

Looking forward to the community’s feedback!