Ambassadors Program

Note: Program will be in private test phase during its first quarter to gather data for further improvements.

What is an Ambassador?

An Ambassador is a person who brings valuable assets for Pocket Network with their visibility, building strong relationships with their audience, and to create a positive image in the minds of the public. Serving as an advocates for Pocket Network and its DNA, supporting to promote the protocol, its products, services, and values to the public.

:muscle: Benefits of an Ambassadors Program

  1. Increased brand awareness: Ambassadors can help spread the word about the organization and its mission, products, or services. This can lead to increased visibility and brand awareness, which can attract more customers or clients.
  2. Improved credibility and trust: When ambassadors speak positively about the organization, it can increase the credibility and trust that others have in the organization. This can lead to more customers or clients trusting the organization and being more likely to engage with it.
  3. Greater reach: Ambassadors can help the organization reach a wider audience by sharing information with their own networks. This can help the organization connect with people who may not have otherwise heard of it.
  4. More authentic marketing: Ambassadors can provide a more authentic and personal perspective on the organization than traditional marketing channels. This can help the organization connect with people on a deeper level and build stronger relationships with its audience.
  5. Cost-effective marketing: Ambassador programs can be a cost-effective way to promote an organization. Instead of paying for traditional advertising, the organization can rely on ambassadors to spread the word for free or at a reduced cost.

:old_key: Key Requirements

  1. Have a Twitter account, and being part of the official Pocket online social groups if able (e.g. Discord, Discourse, Telegram, WeChat, etc.)
  2. Create community content related to Pocket Network to help educate, create brand recognition and engagement
  3. Engagement with social platform activities and campaigns to help educate, create brand recognition and engagement
  4. Support official Pocket online social groups when available (e.g. Discord, Discourse, Telegram, WeChat, etc.)

:handshake: Ambassador Internal Support

  • Monthly Grants:
    • Additional grants beyond base can be achieved via further bounties
  • Design, graphic, infographic support via Socket Design team
  • Swag, Merch, etc. (limited compared to hub, mostly for self promotion)
  • Marketing support
  • Private Ambassadors Discord Channel Access ¶
  • Community Organizational Training and Support
  • Custom UTM ID for affiliate linking (TBD when it become available)

:scroll: Monthly Ambassador Reporting Requirements

  • A master Ambassador tracking spreadsheet will be shared among all Ambassadors to update:
    • Categories:
      • Ambassador Location (Region/Country/City):
      • Name:
      • Social Platform Posts and Engagement Metrics:
      • Bonus Bounties:
      • Notable Achievements:
      • Roadblocks / Need for Assistance:
  • A monthly report will be posted on the Discourse forum for public consumption.
    • To be posted during the first week of each month.

:house_with_garden: Applying for Ambassador

:page_with_curl: Ambassador Application Form

:white_check_mark: Process for Ambassador Approval

  1. Submit application form (google form)
  2. Application review by PNF
  3. Upon submission approval, follow up interview with submitter
  4. Provide final decision for approval after interview
  5. Onboarding

:dollar: Ambassador Grants & Tasks

  • Base: $500 $POKT Monthly Distribution via RAD Bounty Program:
    1. Educating the community: Educate the community about Pocket Network and its utilities via social media posts. This could involve explaining how our network works, its benefits, and how it can be used for various businesses.
    2. Building relationships: Build relationships with other blockchain enthusiasts, influencers, and businesses to create partnerships and collaborations.
      1. Partnerships with monetary value e.g. paid relay demand, may bring about additional referral bonuses via Ambassador’s custom UTM ID (TBD).
    3. Providing community support: Support our community with any issues they may have and answer any questions they may have about Pocket Network.
  • Additional Bounty Bonuses:
    1. Creating content via DeWorks: Create content such as blog posts, videos to increase awareness and engagement with the community.
      • AMA: $100
      • Blog post:
        • Short Form $50
        • Long Form $100
      • Video: $150
    2. Hosting events via DeWorks: Organize events such as meetups, workshops to bring the community together and promote Pocket Network.
      • Partner with a Regional Community Hub if present in the area.
      • An event grant can be applied for support in partnership with a Regional Community Hub if present in the area, or with PNF & community if not available.
      • Meetups: $200
      • Workshop: $500
    3. Testing products via DeWorks: Test new products and provide feedback to Pocket Network on its functionality, user-friendliness, and overall effectiveness.
      • Bounty amount dependent on project and task being tested.
    4. Providing suggestions via DeWorks: Provide feedback to the Pocket Network on how we can improve our products or services and help us make decisions that are in the best interest of the community.
      • Bounty amount for suggestions dependent on acceptance and its impact.
    5. Gateway referral signups for relay demands. (UTM ID to be made available TBD)

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