Alchemist crucible site not laoding with pokt rpc

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Description of your issue/situation

The site wont show up properly when connected through pokt rpc

Step by Step

  1. connect to the site via pokt, its not loading (goes to Crucible)
  2. got to the site via normal eth rpc, get directed to this site ( Crucible), everything works fine.
  3. use pokt again and use the link from above, site doesnt load properly

Setup/System Details

{windows 10, brave browser, metamask wallet)

App version

{If applicable}

Necessary files

{If applicable, attach your config.json, chains.json or genesis.json}

Logs or Evidence

{Screenshots, error logs, screencast, or any other details that will help diagnose your issue}
this is what the site looks like when on pokt rpc

Sorry for the inconvenience here. The person who would typically answer is OOO.

My guess is it’s either bad luck with an Ethereum node or Alchemist is doing intensive reads for the website (which rely on Infura/Alchemy’s centralized databases).

Could you try loading it up again now to rule out the 2nd option?

tried loading the site with pokt rpc again. same problem as before :frowning: