About the Pre-Proposals category

Have an idea that’s not yet proposal ready? Or have a proposal and want some feedback before you make it official? Need help fleshing it out and catching flaws? Do you want to see if there’s enough community interest in your idea before you invest time and effort in drafting a formal proposal?

That’s what this category is for.

The entire Pocket community is invited to consider your ideas and pre-proposals here and let you know what they think.

The newly formed GRIP group will also take part in this review. More on GRIP below.

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Introducing GRIP - Group to Review and Improve Proposals! :slightly_smiling_face:

The GRIP team was created to help you prepare proposals.

The team is made up of community members who are versed in the technical and economic aspects of the Pocket Network. There’s a graphic artist and an editor too.

GRIP will monitor this category. As soon as a pre-proposal is posted - or an idea with enough bones to warrant GRIP review - GRIP will ensure that one of its members with relevant expertise provides needed or requested input here.

GRIP can add detail, adjust for clarity and help with budget estimates. To make complex proposals digestible, GRIP can make them reader friendly and the graphic artist can create visual aids.

Want writing assistance? Just ask. Once your proposal is ready for official launch and voting, ask us to do a final check for grammar, spelling and typos. No matter how simple a proposal, a final edit or proofread is recommended.

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Thanks @zaatar. I have dropped a pre-proposal for consideration.