About the PEP Category

Decide on new grants and partnerships.

Pocket Ecosystem Proposals (PEPs) include proposals to distribute funds to or form agreements with Contributors to the Pocket Network ecosystem, in the form of:

  • Imbursements – payments for future work
  • Reimbursements – compensation for previous work
  • Bounties – rewards for work that don’t yet have specified workers
  • Transfers – transferring funds between DAO-owned accounts
  • Agreements – formal understandings of Contributor relationships, including non-financial in nature

PEP votes will last 7 days and pass with Majority Approval. See the Constitution for more details.

How is the DAO funded?

The DAO earns continuous revenue in the form of 10% of the Block Reward, i.e. 10% of the POKT minted every time a block is successfully validated in the Pocket Network blockchain. This is proportional to the number of relays being processed for developers, which means the more traction Pocket Network gets, the more wealthy the DAO becomes!