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Need 3rd party providers to support your staking, node running, or gateways in our ecosystem? Here’s what our community has to offer.

JAMSO Professional Services

Business Development - JAMSO has a vast network of projects, developers, business minds, and investors that it taps into daily to help build itself as well as the projects it serves. Opening the door to this wealth of knowledge to other projects on POKT is something JAMSO is keen to offer to stimulate growth among its users. Contact us to chat with a business development manager now.

Business Consulting - JAMSO employs teams from the private business world, including consulting and financial professionals experienced at traditional firms like the “Big 4” and other large firms, as well as individuals with government and regulatory experience. Business consulting at its core is the assessment and management of a company’s inner workings to figure out internally what is going right, and what is going wrong. Once our teams help you understand these basics, they then continue to guide you along the road to further success. Contact us to chat with a consultant now.

JAMSO Professional Services

Compliance - Both JAMSO OTC and Nodefolio have prided themselves since inception on being fully regulatory compliant. In the pursuit to be so, JAMSO has invested heavily in resources to bolster its own compliance so as to protect its clients according to US and international regulations. Armed now with this knowledge, JAMSO now offers the experience it has in this space to others looking to stay on top of the regulatory game before jumping too deep in with lawyers that may not be nearly as cost-effective. Contact us now to chat with a crypto-space compliance expert.

JAMSO Professional Services

Financial Accounting and Reporting - By using its network of accountants and CPAs trained in GAAP, JAMSO is able to assist POKT projects and nascent companies in the financial preparation of their companies data, i.e. by preparing financial statements for year and quarter ends, as well as be a stop-gap in accounting errors by filling in as the day-to-day internal accountants of a firm, from formulating proper expense recording systems to helping create solid General Journals. Contact us to chat with a financial professional now.

Tax and Tax Advisory - JAMSO directs teams of tax professionals, accountants and CPAs knowledgeable in the areas of US and European crypto tax, that help firms and individuals alike navigate their liabilities when it comes to giving the government their share. JAMSO tax teams also help businesses create and implement tax plans to make it easier to make sure all tax liabilities are being met, even if a economic downturn or crash surprises the market. Contact us to chat with a crypto-space tax expert now.

Assurance - Having a network of CPAs for financial and tax purposes also serves as a door into why JAMSO is able to provide some low levels of assurance to projects looking to show to investors that their financial statements lack any material misstatements or instances of known fraud. Contact us to chat with an assurance expert now.