A Week in Marketing @Pocket

I’d like to do a short recap each week about marketing. So, here goes!

Partly transparency, partly accountability, and also a really useful reflection / conversation.

I’m now 2 weeks in and generally feeling hugely energised, if a little daunted at times. There is so much that we could do. Should do. And I would love to do it all yesterday.

So focus is really important. For me, that means focusing on increasing demand. Which means increasing Top of Mind Awareness and Consideration among end-user devs. And also leaning into this awesome community. I’m more confident than ever that it is a key part of our ‘edge’.

This week I continued to have 1:1 calls with community members, partners, and our target audience.

I designed a survey that will provide insight for Pocket but that will also produce output that we can feed into a bigger State of Decentralised Infrastructure piece alongside Target Personas that we can open source to serve Decentralised Infra as a whole. This is the first move in a strategy to take back ownership of the Decentralised Infra narrative.

Next week I’ll be testing that survey on the ground at EthCC and trying to source as much insight as possible. I’ll also be using my time to form connections with peers in other decentralised projects, that we can leverage for collabs and opportunities. I’ll be on a full scale dev charm offensive, armed with pastries and smiles! If any of you will be there please shout! :wave:

I’ve also crafted a big twitter thread that we will share and then pin to the top of our twitter feed. It’s taking a bit of time because it has to hit hard. It will tell the story of where we’ve been and where we’re going. I hoped to share the draft with you today but there are a couple of things I need to fact check first. I’ll share it ASAP.

This will be the first in many moves to reshape our own narrative.

We had a nice piece of coverage in Token Terminal. We’ll quote RT asap. Keep an eye out and give it some love please!

Next up:

  • Our ‘narrative’ tweet will be posted asap and I’m going to do a quick and dirty refresh on our Twitter visuals and bio. We’ll do a proper job once the brand strategy is revisited.
  • I’ll mostly be busy making friends for Pocket, testing the survey, and generally immersing with our target audience. So next week’s updates will largely be about that.
  • I’m also going to create a POP so that we can get a good technical writer to review and improve our documentation - it’s come out as being absolutely key in each of my target audience calls.

Soon after:

  • I’ll hold an office hours to share my thoughts, invite your perspectives, and start to ideate around brand strategy. Please add availabilities to this lettuce meet. :slightly_smiling_face:
  • I’m going to set up a Jokerace to get your help coming up some ideas… more to be announced. :eyes:
  • We’ll design a simple upgrade to our website focused on simplifying the experience for devs that land on our site. This is another key factor for devs and we can do better.
  • I’ll also be working with @PoktNews to see how we do more on social, will kick off some ideas about grass roots events, and will be moving forward with other collabs & content…
  • And it will all feed into a high level roadmap that I’ll start sharing asap.

So, that’s broadly where I am, where I’ve been, and where I’m going.

Please, let me know what you think! :point_down::hugs:


SEND IT ADRIENNE!!! :fire: :rocket: :new_moon:




Thank you for sharing the recap on Pocket Marketing. This weekly initiative is a great way to foster transparency and encourage participation.


A little later than intended - here’s a link to the twitter narrative thread.

Please share your thoughts / ideas / feedback. We won’t design by committee, but I will always value your perspectives. Especially any inspo for gifs / memes to bring it to life a little. I’ll be working on that today too. There’s also a video in production that will be posted along with the first tweet with key milestones.

Draft by Adz | Typefully

Plan to post in about 24 hours.


Hi Pocket!

It’s been another busy couple of weeks.

The week in EthCC was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of our community members (like @coineasy :sunglasses:), kick off some potential partnership discussions (more to follow), and generally just deep dive into that target audience persona and how best to reach them.

In addition to the (brilliant) regular coverage from @poktnews on twitter (I can’t yet bring myself to say ‘X’ :face_with_spiral_eyes:), you’ll have seen the most recent narrative building thread that went live on Friday to celebrate our 3 year anniversary on mainnet. In case you missed it, here it is.

We also had a small media mention with cryptonews, Dermot did a youtube interview with Ashton at Crypto Coin Show (not sure yet when it will be live but will drop the link here when it is), and we have a few more pieces that we’re expecting to drop in the coming weeks as we start to build up momentum towards wPOKT launch, v1 going onto Testnet, and many more.

On last Thursday’s community call I was blown away by the engagement and involvement in our first brand strategy session - thank you all. In case you missed it and are curious, here is what we went through, and the session recording is available in the discord.

Next up:

  • Create a piece of content around the project roadmap + journey
  • Develop and share the high level marketing roadmap - it’s coming!
  • Review how the 3 month hub test went and see how best to carry that initiative forwards
  • Roll out our NPS survey so that we can stay accountable
  • Roll out a Target Audience survey to support our insight piece…

On this last one, we’re trying to walk the walk on our values and bring value to the ecosystem. Therefore the results from the survey will be open sourced (although we have 3 optional questions at the end that will remain private to us and give us some more tangible data on brand health).

We’ll be approaching a few potential partner orgs to collaborate and help us to spread the word. So I would HUGELY appreciate it if any more technical members of the community could please complete it and let us know if you have any feedback before we go public?!

Here it is again!

I’m sure there are a million things I’m overlooking - there have been so many interesting discussions over the last couple of weeks.

But I wanted to maintain the pattern of sharing updates here.

Please feel free to comment or slide into my DMs to discuss any thoughts or ideas you have.

Or join our Pocket brand and marketing focused TG group.




It was nice meeting you in person at EthCC :slight_smile: