Staking help

I staked Pokt using my Pokt wallet. The transaction was confirmed and shows up on the tranche list. However in my wallet it shows that I have zero Pokt staked.

Am I missing something?
And where do I go to find my staking rewards?

Sorry for the very basic questions. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi @Nick - when you say you staked Pokt using your wallet - did you do that from your node?

No I don’t have my own node. So I followed the instructions below which were on the discord channel. I can confirm that my staked deposit is listed in the tranche and also on Pokt But my Pokt wallet show a zero balance and zero Pokt staked. Not sure why so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Start earning in the poktpool in 5 simple steps:

  1. Send the amount of POKT you wish to stake in the pool to the pool wallet address:


IMPORTANT: Save your complete transaction hash (64 digits). This is your receipt, and you will be required to enter it in your staking request. Also, you must send from your PERSONAL address, not from an exchange wallet.

  1. Fill out the staking request form with your Discord user ID, email, amount staked, wallet address, and complete transaction hash. When filling out the google form use your full discord name, that includes the "# with the 4 numbers after it. These numbers are unique to you. Always use the exact same username.

NOTE: If you are already staked, use the exact username shown at

  1. Check the confirmations link to ensure your POKT has been received. This is updated twice daily, so please be patient.

  2. If you are a first time staker with a blue Discord username, please go to the Confirmations link and screen-cap your first confirmation, then post it to the :moneybag:|confirm-stake channel to receive your staked role (green Discord username) from one of our @lifeguard team. If you’re already staked, no further action is needed.

  3. Check the daily snapshot report in the #reporting channel, and if you’re motivated, check the tranche link, which updates once daily.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy POKT staking on easy mode.

Ah, ok, you need to get with the pokt pool folks on that. The best place to connect with them is on their Discord channel. Here is a link poktpool

Ok! Thank you! Appreciate you taking the time to respond. Best regards!