Settlers of New Chains Now Live

The wonderful news we’ve all been waiting for… the multi-chain future is here :rainbow:

The SupportedBlockchains parameter transaction was submitted by the Pocket Network Foundation on behalf of the DAO, which has 6X’d the available networks that nodes can earn POKT from. Here are the blockchains and their RelayChainIDs:

  • Avalanche Mainnet (0003)
  • BSC (0004)
  • BSC Archival (0010)
  • Fuse (0005)
  • Ethereum Archival (0022)
  • Ethereum Archival Tracing (0028) - an archival node with “trace_” API functions, either OpenEthereum with archival pruning or Erigon
  • Ethereum Ropsten (0023)
  • Ethereum Kovan (0024)
  • Ethereum Rinkeby (0025)
  • Ethereum Goerli (0026)
  • POA xDAI (0027)

Settlers of New Chains offers a new method of bootstrapping chains by providing a minimum baseline of relays (i.e. revenue) on each new RelayChainID. It will attract enough nodes to provide quality service to web3 applications and services. The “Settlers” (i.e. applications) that provide the initial relays are designed, built, and staked by the Pocket Network Foundation.

All of the chains above except Ethereum Archival (0022) will be seeded with this minimum baseline of relays. This will continue until we onboard enough applications to achieve the relay count organically, or after 3 months, whichever comes sooner.

If you are a Node who wants to start earning revenue from any of these chains, head to the #node-runner Discord channel for help getting started. Do not stake your Pocket node for the RelayChain until you have deployed and connected the RelayChain node, otherwise you will cause your Pocket node to be slashed.

For more details, please read the proposal:

PIP-6.2: Settlers of New Chains.

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