Secondary Markets for POKT

Interested in joining the community or selling your POKT to cover your infrastructure costs? Below are the best ways to do so as identified by our community members.

  • Subzero OTC: This community-established OTC is run by Subzero and only does transactions over $20K. Join the private telegram channel (requires telegram) to get started. Commission is 5% (paid by the buyer).

  • Thunderhead OTC: This community-established OTC is run by Thunderhead and offers service for transactions of any size. Commission is 5% (paid by the buyer). Orders can be placed on the Telegram channel or on the web app. Purchases can also be made 24/7 with the automated telegram bot. Previous users have reviewed their experience here.

  • StarDesk OTC: This community-established OTC provides a white-glove service via its web based interface. Sign up is via email and password. Minimum transaction is 15,150 POKT (enough for one node) and commission is 5% (paid by the buyer).

  • Jamso OTC: This community-established OTC is run by JAMSO Financial Group, LLC, a Wyoming, USA, registered company compliant with US Federal/State regulation and International Law. JAMSO offers service for transactions of any size to non-US clients and works on a commission of 4.5%, paid by the buyer. Orders can be placed on the website or through the telegram channel by contacting an administrator. DISCLAIMER: JAMSO Financial Group, LLC., presently only serves non-U.S. resident clients (proved through KYC), but may change this in the future.

Disclaimer: Secondary markets are not associated with Pocket Network, Inc., the Pocket DAO, nor the Pocket Foundation. Use at your own risk. There are fees associated with each OTC to help cover their costs and that neither Pocket Network, Inc., the Pocket DAO, nor the Pocket Foundation receives any of these fees nor any proceeds from the sale of POKT through the OTC.

Note: Other options to be added in the future as they are identified and vetted. To get other options vetted, please comment and tag @adam to start the process. The vetting process consists of validating proof of identity, proof of successful prior transactions, and other KYC-like measures. Properly licensing and other legal measures are up to the owner of the secondary market.

Hello @adam

I started an OTC for transactions under $20k. There is lots of interest and I am wondering if I could be vetted as an official option.



What is the cost for 16k pokt?

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Hi Addison, has this had a chance to be vetted by Adam? Definitely interested in under 20k options. Thanks

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Yes, I met with him and I’ve been vetted. He just needs to edit the forum post.

Also, I changed my handle to @thunderheadotc so if you are interested, please contact me there.

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@adam Hi , i want buy Pokt tokens , how can i buy it?

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On behalf of team at JAMSO Financial Group, LLC, mentioned in the list above, I want to invite you to join us on our exchange, the most cost efficient and regulatory compliant marketplace in the POKT ecosystem.

Feel free check us out on or chat with us at Telegram: Join Group Chat.

Hope to see you there!


Hi all, is the describetd buying method above still legit? What is the difference compared to the fair lounch of wPOKT and the accompanying Data Farming program? Does it not make more sense to buy POKT now via the above descirbet methods?

I am gratefull for feedback!

Kind regrds


Hi Masam,

Yes, we maintain this list but have no control over the desks themselves. Please do your own due diligence.

OTCs are the primary on/off ramp for users of the POKT token. The POKT token has a different utility to wPOKT. Please see and wPOKT Green Paper ♻

yes and thanks for information.