RPClist Apply for POKT DAO grant and recommendations


  • Author(s):
    Deep Narrative Lab (DNLab)
    DNLab currently operates the largest POKT pool in China and is also actively promoting POKT and building a Chinese community.

  • Recipient(s):
    Deep Narrative Lab (DNLab)

  • Category:
    Funding & Official Promotion

  • Team member:

    • Ian: co-founder, Full Stack Developer Worked for one of China’s largest Internet company.
    • Leo: co-founder, Worked as CMO in a Chinese blockchain company
  • Asking Amount:
    1000 POKT

  • POKT Address:


In the past, Infura’s service was often unstable, and a large number of users relied on its free RPC service. POKT provides a free public RPC service for mainstream blockchains, but since users seldom learn about this service and find the relevant documentation accurately, and it is difficult for some novice users to configure it according to the documentation, we built the POKT version of Chainlist(rpclist.info)to help users switch to POKT with one click. We hope that this tool will become an official recommendation for the community.


Rpclist.info is a simple web service where we list all the public RPCs supported by POKT for users to use.

Use of funds:

  1. Three years of domain name usage fees
  2. Three years of AWS costs

Additional needs:

We hope the official publicity channel can recommend everyone to use it as a recommended tool on Twitter and Telegram channel etc…


wish this service can be used by more users

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DNLab has been serving the Chinese community for several months, and they did a great job in OTC and Fractional pool! I appreciate their diligent work. IMO, this RPClist website is helpful for promotion Pocket’s product and the cost is reasonable.