POKTlog - Q3 September 2022

POKTlog is a scannable release notes style update that will be published monthly with the goal of providing transparency into the progress the core team has made toward completing our roadmap.

The POKTlog will include:

  • TL;DRs- Key takeaways from that month’s work
  • PSAs - Action items and notices that directly impact our community
  • Updates - Tasks that have been completed or we have made meaningful progress on during that month, broken down by core team and focus area
  • Next up - core focus areas for the upcoming quarter (start of quarter)
  • Additional Reading - New or key documentation/publications/releases

Check the POKTlog for updates about ongoing development, project deliverables and roadmap milestones. Feedback about this process is welcome!

POKTlog | Q3 September 2022

:eyes: TL;DR

:mega: PSAs

:green_circle: Updates

:art: Product

  • Portal Monetization
    • A major undertaking and focus for the team
  • New RPC Chains:
    • Starknet:
      • starknet-mainnet (0060)
      • starknet-testnet (0061)

:hammer_and_wrench: Engineering

:handshake: Marketplace

  • Contract signed for > $500k in revenue
  • Currently > $2 million in conversation phase
  • Identified ~145 early growth opps so far
  • Worked with Product and done competitive research to develop the pricing structure
  • Begin to introduce pricing to the masses
  • Updated direct sales tracker
  • Portal Monetization
  • Looking Forward Growth Initiatives:
    • Startup Grant Program
    • Hackathons
    • Inbound Funnels
    • Referral Program
    • Waitlists
  • Recruitment:

:postal_horn: Marketing

:hugs: Community / Ecosystem

:books: Additional Reading/Resources