PNYX AI unveils a unified POKT search engine

PNYX AI has developed a unified search engine for the Pocket Network (POKT) community, seamlessly integrating information from POKT documentation, GitHub code repositories, forums, Discord and Telegram channels, and community calls. This powerful tool empowers POKT users to effortlessly find relevant information, even for intricate queries.

Leveraging semantic search technology, the PNYX AI search engine delivers highly accurate and contextually relevant results. By employing language models (LMs) to generate vector embeddings, it enhances search accuracy and enables summary generation, providing users with concise and informative overviews of search results.

Conversational Chatbot and Poktscan Integration on the Horizon

To further enhance the user experience, PNYX AI is set to develop a conversational chatbot powered by generative AI, enabling natural language interactions for search queries. Additionally, the ability to query Poktscan data will be integrated, providing users with direct access to a comprehensive repository of POKT network data.

Your Feedback Matters: Help Shape the Future of PNYX AI Search

As PNYX AI continues to develop and refine the search engine, your feedback is invaluable. Please share your thoughts on the relevance, accuracy, and overall user experience of the search engine. Your input will play a crucial role in ensuring that the search engine continues to meet the evolving needs of the POKT community.

About PNYX AI: Spearheading Innovation with Blockchain Technology

At PNYX AI, our team of data science and artificial intelligence experts is at the forefront of innovation, harnessing the power of the POKT decentralized blockchain network to develop cutting-edge products and services. We leverage the network’s robust infrastructure and distributed ledger technology to build secure, scalable, and transparent solutions that revolutionize various industries.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements as we continue to push the boundaries of blockchain-powered solutions AI solutions with PNYX AI.

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The site

Here is the link, enjoy!

Sample searches:

Simple searches: For example, you could search for “what is the POKT network?” or “how do I stake POKT tokens?”

Complex searches: For example, you could search for “which ports are needed to be allowed by the firewall to run a pocket node?” or “what are the best practices for securing a POKT node?”

Natural language searches: For example, you could search for “My pokt node is crashing unexpectedly” or “how is the pocket network inflation handled?”

Code-related searches: For example, you could search for “how the relay protocol works in shannon upgrade”, “wPOKT token staking contract.” or “in the V1 session specification, which function is used to get the current session?”

Documentation: For example, you could search for “POKT public rpc configuration guide” or “how can I propose a change to the pocket network protocol?”

Community discussions (by selection “Discussions”): For example, you could search for “POKT node uptime optimization tips” or “POKT token staking security best practices.”