PEP-67: Pursue Recovery of Investment against Staking Operator Nodes4All (P.R.I.S.O.N)

“…for any number of reasons”.
From my perspective, I find it unreasonable, illogical and out of the question for the DAO to be held responsible for personal mistakes of any sort.
I believe it’s an entirely different matter when there’s criminal activity involved.

The crypto space as a whole has been, and still is in many ways, comparable to a casino, but I feel this is changing slowly but surely.
I believe this is an excellent opportunity to ensure and let the world know PN isn’t one of those places.

I know who they are, where they live and there are most certainly assets to recover. This is not one of those games of ghosts with unknown creators hiding behind stock profile photos in offshore jurisdictions. Also, we’re not dealing with complicated transaction histories involving all sorts of scrambling, bridging and trickery.

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I was just pointed to the proposal and sent in for a return of all staked POKT since I never did and am unable to unstake it with Nodes4All.

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