PEP-15: Pocket DAO Treasury Diversification Proposal

That makes it more sybil-vulnerable though than an airdrop which is retroactive, i.e. conditional on past activities. For example, if we could somehow airdrop POKT to all previous users of other RPC/infra services, that would be ideal. I’m just not sure it’s technically possible.

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Given the explosion of DAO ecosystems, I wonder if there are DAO partnerships we could make for user exchange with complimentary networks.

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I like the spirit of this proposal and the much needed diversification issues it raised. Indeed, some DAO expenditures cannot be paid with POKT alone and the DAO has to have stablecoins on its balance.

I agree with all the objections raised by @Jinx and feel like his answer reflects the issues with this proposal perfectly.

What can be even more difficult though is the fact that the DAO is not sufficiently decentralized and representative of all voters, specifically of the relatively new participants who are just started working on their DAO membership. Please note, that we’ve just had a sizeable inflow of new community members.

The most recent DAO votings had 1-3 votes each which may be enough for technical and ecosystem proposals but is hardly sufficient for trading decision affecting the price negatively which gives terrible optics and potential legal implications.

Taking this into account, I suggest postponing not just considering this proposal but also ceasing any public discussions of it in its current form until the LBP event is well behind us.


I like it.

We have quality OTC but paid POKT faucet with a good UI will take us a long way.


This is extremely well said

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Hi everyone.
Giving away tokens just like that is not something that will be healthy for the project. You do want to attract more users but you also want to balance it with the right quality that can add value to the community. Not someone who would just dump the tokens. One way of achieving both the goals while driving the project in the right direction and adding value will be to consider Success tokens. It is a better alternative than a raw sale of OTC tokens.
Success tokens allow DAOs to raise funds without offering token discounts upfront. It can definitely help in the diversification of the treasury while offering no discount. Instead of discounts, you offer success tokens which payout a bonus if the protocol is successful in achieving the defined goals. It is a win-win for everyone and helps in aligning the interests of the community.
I am dropping a link for your reference. Some brainstorming around this idea will be great.

Diversification of the DAO needs to be a priority so the community feels they are properly represented. This is a priority for me.


Given the current market volatility and potential market correction, would be very careful with anything that signals discouragement, even if its optically. I’m not too bothered by the final finishing price of the LBP per se, but would love to see the WPOKT launch end on a positive note and create an ecosystem wide interest. As such, the success of LBP has bigger implications than the mere sale itself.

Also, it appears we will see a record number of participants for tomorrow’s community call, and would be great to hear some positive updates - if the circumstance permits.

Thank you Nelson for the proposal. I completely agree with the spirit of the proposal: DAO fund diversification and retail outreach (very important for exchange listing)

Going through the comments, first of all, I am delighted to see such level of community engagement. Kudos to all of you who have raised your concerns & opinions.

I feel in this case, optics is what matters the most. The community has spoken on how they perceive this proposal, irrespective of the positive goals of the proposal. And I cannot see how any of the larger crypto users we target will perceive this differently. Therefore, due to the larger community disagreements, I will be voting NO on this proposal.

I would recommend a new proposal, after taking cues from the community, on what are the best strategies to diversify the DAO fund and to distribute POKT tokens. Here distribution strategies (priority 1) should happen earlier so that there is enough demand from exchanges to list POKT.


Just so everyone who has participated in the debate here knows, I’ve removed this proposal from the community call agenda.

There’s a lot of productive debate happening here already and I don’t want it to distract from the other agenda items.

If folks still want a call format to discuss this, we can organize a dedicated governance call later.


Hey everyone, I’ve heard the communities feedback loud and clear and I have decided to withdraw this proposal.

When I made this proposal I did not expect this level of reaction to the proposal. Part of the thinking behind the proposal was that perhaps we could kill two birds with one stone, getting POKT in the hands of more individuals, making it more attractive for exchanges and diversify the DAO treasury in the process.

After hearing everyone’s feedback, I agree it is best we hold off any treasury diversification efforts until well after the LBP and until liquidity for POKT and wPOKT is more well established


Thank you for the proposal Nelson!

We had to start this discussion somewhere and that has been an amazing opportunity to make everyone heard.

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Nelson, I deeply appreciate your proactive thinking here, and I hope my opposition doesn’t come off otherwise. I’d love to share some ideas I have with you about accomplishing the goal of wider pokt holding, and perhaps we can collaborate on it.


This is worth exploring

I wonder what you all think of KPI options to achieve the outcome while keeping the valued tokens within the community. It can be a perfect driver to achieve the desired results and also add value to the community and to the network. Let me know what you all think of it. Would be more than happy to discuss it further.

Treasury diversification is crucial when a dip in the market as the one we have just experienced. Please take a look at UMA’s DAO treasury tools when the community and yourself have time. Even if it is for future use.
Believe it or not, UMA does not take a commission on treasury diversification tools for DAOs. UMA has developed a new way to deal with VCs where they will have to offer what they have and help raise the market value to be rewarded profit.
No selling at a huge discount.That causes VCs to sell off their current holdings and re-buy at a discounted price. UMA offers Range tokens and Sucess tokens to diversify your treasury with USDC and there is ZERO chance of liquidation. I am a SuperUMAN / UMAster and have been a community member for 11 months. Our mission is Universal Market Access. Where everyone has the right to financial freedom. Since our DAO treasury tools have launched we gained many new frens. We collab with many DAOs and have community calls to encourage cross-polination to strengthen our frenships and acheive our mision for everyone to have access to market. We have had Sushiswap, Bankless, Aragon, Badger, Polygon, Shapeshift, Index Coop, Volitility, and many more DAO’s use our products or have added their tokens for use as collateral in our many contracts. We also have KPI options that UMA also does not charge anything for. KPI’s are used to incetivize community members with an airdrop and if they reach a specific metric /goal that you have chosen the KPI options will payout a predetermined amount of your native token per option held. Works great as community building, incentivising LPs , governance, etc.Feel free to hop in our Discord or just come have a AMA with us and our communities can learn about eachother. I’ve heard great things about Pocket Dao from another SuperUMAN @everythingblockchain. DAO to DAO we can all help each other as we gain new onboarders and welcome no coiners to financial freedom. Would love to have all of you over for a fireside chat. I like what you have going on here. Its amazing and really interesting. The website comparison chart “Pocket vs.Others” is is bad ass. Sry but it is . Pocket goes viral < Others go broke. :partying_face: :muscle: