PAUSE: Socket for POKTradar explorer

  1. Ambition you plan to work on, including a very simple description of your planned work

Pocket network explorer requirements


Poktradar is a blockchain explorer focused on offering the user a fresh UI/UX experience by giving a quick glimpse about the important insights across the blockchain data on with focus on market information, governance and user account overview.

We going to work on the following phases:

Phase 1: Wirefaming and UI/UX validation (1-3 weeks)
Phase 2: Frontend / Backend (1-4months prob less)
Phase 3: Production deployment and maintenance

Below are the features per view that we want to deliver, the features may change over time depending on the needs and priorities identified by the community and from the foundation.
DISCLAIMER: some of this features can change based on the needs of the foundation

Home page

  • Blockchain insights
    • Current block height
    • Last block time ( and last 24hr avg block time)
  • Utility layer metrics
    • Total avg relays weekly and quick view of a weekly chart
    • Total pocket nodes
    • Total validators
    • Total dapps
    • Total active chains
  • Market metrics
    • Current Market Cap
    • Current pocket price
    • $POKT supply
    • Total Staked $POKT
    • Total Circulating $POKT

User account information

  • Overview
    • Total Pocket in balance (current value in usd)
    • Total Pocket staked (non-custodial)

Non-custodial information

  • Total non-custodial nodes attached to this wallet

  • Avg pokt production

    • Daily/Weekly/Monthly across all nodes attached to this wallet
    • Chart of nodes production per domain/node provider
  • Node info (If applicable)

    • Balance (value)
    • Jailed
    • Public key
    • Service url
    • Domain
  • Tab

    • Pocket transactions
    • Pocket transfers
    • Governance participation
      • Here the user will see their participation on the differents governance voting (if applicable)

Market information

  • Volume trading on CEX/DEX/OTC
    • Pie chart with % of volume traded on the 3 mentioned spaces
    • Top 5 CEX/DEX/OTC trading pairs by volume
  • List of exchanges trading pocket pairs and daily volume
  • Supply of pocket per exchange
  • Volume trading per exchange


  • Latest voting proposal
  • Parameters
  • DAO treasury
  • DAO monthly expenses
  • DAO monthly income
  • DAO transactions
    DAO protocol upgrade


  • Chart
    • Relays per block
  • Table view
    • Block
    • Time (min)
    • Size (mb)
    • Relays
    • Nodes
    • Transactions
    • URI
    • Producer address
  • Detail view
    • BlockID
    • BlockTime
    • Producer
    • Time (min)
    • Apps
    • Nodes
    • Txs
    • Good Txs
    • Bad Txs
    • Minted (Pokt)
    • Total Staked POKT
    • Total Liquid $POKT
    • Total $POKT (Supply)
    • Value
    • Raw Tx
    • Memo


  • Overview metrics
    • Transactions (last 24hrs)
    • Avg Transactions (last week)
  • Table view
    • TxID
    • Method
    • Block
    • From
    • To
    • Value
    • Raw Tx
    • Memo
  • Detail view
    • TxID
    • Block
    • BlockTime
    • Fee
    • From
    • To
    • Value
    • Raw Tx
    • ServiceURL (if applies)l
    • Memo


  • Relays distribution per gateway (% pie chart)
  • Relays overtime (chart last 30 days) with gateway view
  • Relays chain distribution (% pie chart )
  • Relays overtime (chart last 30 days) with chain view
  1. Type of Socket:

    • Experiment:
      3K usd , paid and reviewed monthly, for the life of the experiment
  2. Commitment

  • Reporting will be on a monthly basis or when there’s new development updates going on via this post
  1. Link to where work will be stored (Notion, Github or even directly in this topic
    thread is fine)

Reporting will be done under this forum post and new links and the domain will be up once we’ll start working on the project

  1. Wallet address for Socket payments

530eac19ae1818e8b1122a018876eeaa2ea21248 (POKT address)
0xB8A08cDDE6DDc31F584e8b418B964469eE010956 (ERC20 Address)


Confirming this socket is open and looking forward to a progress update


@commander_nodefleet thanks for opening the socket. I know we’re behind on getting this one open - if you’ve already done work (I’m hearing that you have) could you please drop an update here so we can pay you back to the starting date of this post please?

Once you’ve dropped an update this socket is open for January, and Ben will get you set up on the payment stream next week and backpay for this work. If you haven’t done any work (and no update) we’ll get you set up at the end of this month for pay. Thanks!

Additionally - I’m asking all open Sockets to join us next Thursday for the Builders All-hands. I’d like to encourage people getting paid via the DAO to know what’s going on with the protocol, and have a forum to ask questions and cross pollinate, especially as docs are crucial. Matteo will run the first half w/ developers & protocol, and then I’d take the second half to review sockets work and unblock you and anyone else. The ultimate goal here being more cross-pollination and collaboration, so looking forward to you showing up and sharing on Thursday!


Thank you @b3n and @doctorrobinson !

Below our updates

Backend/infrastructure (me and @StevenMartinez94):
→ Acquired
→ Configured Postgres Database for testing
→ Configured pocket mainnet node for indexing
→ Started working on the indexer and graphql backend (indexing blocks/transactions)

UI/UX (@kaanor):

Link to our figma

Home wireframe:

Transactions list view:

Blocks list view

Block detail view

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Hi @commander_nodefleet can the team message me (@sinachpat on Discord), @doctorrobinson or @Adz on discord for the updated brand guide for Pokt. Some of the elements in the dashboard design above is from the old brand guide.
Great work so far too guys, Keep building :blue_heart:


Thanks @SinachPat

For our next update we’ll be updating it and finishing the remaining views + presenting a testing plan for the wireframe.

Have a nice weekend!

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Update #2

UI/UX by @kaanor

We have updated branding and created the UI for the other views.

Home Page






Link to prototype

We have also worked on a UX Testing Plan that is explained below:


  • Uncover any usability issue in the explorer
  • See if people understand how to search or explore within the data we provide.
  • Retrieve the user’s opinion on the design of the explorer.
  • See if there is any other feature we need to add or remove
  • See if the participant is successful in completing the tasks we determine.


Zoom: for video conferencing
Maze: for remote usability testing and continuous research
Notion: for project management and notes


First we want to conduct a pilot testing within Nodefleet. We will choose somebody from the team that had no part in the usability process so far. This will help us first to test this plan, refine taks, questions and identify any issues within the process, before starting.

Testing will be made through quantitative and qualitative research. We aim to retrieve objective data from usability testing, but at the same time understand the motivations, thoughts and opinions of our users.

The testing will be conducted remotely, but moderated by the researcher via the tools we have decided to use.

User Personna:

  • POKT Holder
  • Within the Pocket Network Community
  • Node User
  • Node Runner Owner
  • Pocket Dev
  • No specific age or gender


We will be testing the following quantity of users and this will be their characteristics:

(3) POKT users with nodes

  • Less than 5 nodes User
  • 10 nodes User
  • 15 nodes or more User

(2) Users that had participated and voted on the DAO Forums Proposals (at least more than 2 votes)

(2) Node Runners Users (Owners)

(2) Developers

We want to create a mix between exploratory tasks that don’t have a right or wrong answer and more specific tasks to look at how the participant performs in a specific task.

Some of the tasks include:

  • Review a Block
  • Review Relays
  • Search by an address
  • Review an account within the transactions table
  • Filter charts by date
  • Change within Mainnet and Testnet explorer
  • Review their own wallet
  • Review their nodes
  • Search for the foundations incomes and expenses
  • See market information

Evaluation metrics:

Time-on-task: how long does it take for participants to complete a usability task?

Likes, dislikes, and recommendations: direct insights into what participants thought and felt about the usability of your designs. We will also send a form where the user can submit this feedback.

Critical errors: these are errors that impact the success of the usability task.

Non-critical errors: these are minor deviations from the usability test goal, like navigating to the wrong tab or scrolling past the required action.

Error-free rate: the percentage of participants that complete the usability task with no errors whatsoever.

Successful task completion: this is the percentage of tasks that are successfully completed by participants overall, regardless of how they got there.

Usability Report:

Once testing is done, we will create an usability report that can then be shared with relevant teams to update them on findings for the current and future projects.

This usability report will include a variety of details from the usability testing process, not only results, to ensure everyone understands the importance and impact of the usability research we have conducted.


The following timelines describes the UX process:

Jan 30th Pilot Testing within Nodefleet

Jan 31st - Feb 2 Final review on User Testing

Feb 5th - Feb 19th User testing

Feb 20th - Feb 27th Usability Report and end of UI Process



we had a delay reporting our progress but we’ve been working in the background.

We’ll make the effort to continue reporting on a monthly basis/every time there’s a new big improvement on the development.

Here’s the highlights of the last releases:

Update on UI/UX tests

The test was performed with 6-7 different users from diverse contexts, we tried to contact more users but some of then didn’t respond in time and we released the report with the results we had in hand.

In case you still want to add more value/perspective around the UI test with the full functionality, please feel free to test it here:

Here’s the full UI/UX report:

For anything on this end. Please feel free to contact directly @kaanor or drop any update here.

Update on explorer development:

Few of he fields/data on the following views are mocked due to work in progress on our indexer. Those fields are highlighted on the views

Information about total validator and total service are mocked up fields

Market information

Relay information

Governance information

Some of the fields of the following views are missing/hidden due to issues with our indexer, which are still under development.



Update on the indexer/backend:
We had to re-create the structure and re-sync/re-architect considering the new shannon data structure to support the 2 networks from the start and to improve the database perfomance/distribution.


Hey @commander_nodefleet - .

We’re looking to see what can be open-sourced from this project so that we can continue funding it. I believe that Shane and you have already had a conversation offline, so just dropping a public note here that we’re pausing any funding until we have the discussion around what can be open sourced.


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Sure! @doctorrobinson

Sorry for the delay with the updates.

We were working on the documentation and adding final features on the explorer. below the summary:

  • Recently, an update has been implemented in the user interface of, which includes a new chart named ‘Relays per block’.

  • All views have been optimized to expedite information retrieval, along with the addition of advanced search functions. This encompasses the ability to search for addresses, transactions, and blocks, thus enhancing the overall user experience when interacting with the platform.

  • Add market section with information from coingecko about market activity on dexes/cexes, most trading pair volume traded among other interesting market insights

  • The missing functions have also been added to the buttons of the views and the filters of the search bars at the views and

  • Analytics have been added to track the number of visitors to the landing page in the background.

  • Opensourced and added basic documentation for running poktradar.

Here’s the poktradar opensource code:

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