OPEN: Discord Tech-Support

  1. Ambition

Ambition Supported: Pocket has the healthiest culture and governance of any DAO.

  • Team Discord Support (10-hour Retainer): We will offer server administration, on-call technical assistance, and security monitoring for the Pocket Network community. This ensures a secure, efficient server environment and promptly addresses technical issues. This will help communication and organization between Pokt team and the discord community.

  • Community Discord Updates: We will keep our eye on each individual channel analytics and suggest consolidations as needed. Happy to hear out any community requests or feedback on the discord and see how we can help best.

  • Each month, we’ll deliver a comprehensive report with an action log detailing the tasks completed, aligning our work closely with the community’s needs and the DAO’s goals.

By providing these enhanced services and resources, we aim to contribute significantly to the evolution and growth of the Pocket Network’s Discord community, ensuring it’s a well-managed, secure, and engaging platform for all members.

  • Experiment: $1.5K, paid and reviewed monthly, for the life of the experiment.
  1. Committment:

We will work in the open and self report monthly. We also have weekly check-ins with Head of Community Zak. My work can be viewed here at any time:

  1. Wallet address for Socket payments

Wallet: 0xaFBD81559daBbC22dca2e9988460e4F96333bD65


Hey perhaps you could also add a short note about your history with Pocket already… I am not sure it is familiar to everyone here in the DAO the work you have done to upgrade our discord already


Thanks b3n, great feedback.

For anyone reading this thread we assisted the Pocket Network team with a complete Discord overhaul in November 2023. This included the following items:

Deliverable 1: Server Member Analysis

Objective: Maintain a secure and genuine community environment.

Completed Tasks:

  • We installed Hashbot to analyse the server for scammers, spammers and staff impersonators, banning any users who fit into these categories.
  • We enabled Hashbot to provide 24/7 monitoring of the server to automatically ban users who attempt to impersonate staff with their names or profile pictures.

Deliverable 2: Community Data Analytics & Insights

Objective: Obtain and utilize data for community insights.

Completed Tasks:

  • We installed a comprehensive analytics system.
  • We generated and presented reports on server channel activity, heat maps, demographics, engagement, retention, KPIs, and additional insights.
  • Dan has continued this process by opening an Analytics Socket to assist the Pocket team with data insights that will enable better decision-making for the community.

Deliverable 3: Security Audit & Setup

Objective: Ensure the utmost security of the Discord server and its community.

Completed Tasks:

  • We conducted a comprehensive security audit which included all roles and permissions in the server, deleting unnecessary roles and assisting with implementing a Cold Admin system to ensure the server is safe in any potential security breach.
  • We installed several security bots, most notably Good Knight, Wickbot and Hashbot.
  • We created a complete Security Audit Documentation for Pocket team members to understand the system we built.
  • We facilitated a Security Workshop for Pocket team, consulting them on how to maintain server security.

Deliverable 4: Onboarding Flow Development

Objective: Facilitate a smooth and informative onboarding process for newcomers.

Completed Tasks:

  • Developed a new onboarding flow utilising the Discord Native onboarding module, incorporating Server Guide, Tasks for Newcomers and FAQs.
  • Established a dedicated onboarding ‘Start Here’ category with everything newcomers need, all in the one place.

Deliverable 5: Discord Server Ergonomics Renovation

Objective: Optimize the Discord server for enhanced user experience and engagement.

Completed Tasks:

  • We implented a feedback system to enable the community to provide feedback on the comprehensive changes we were making to the Pocket Network Discord server.
  • We utilised data analytics to provide insights on which channels were inactive, we archived these and then optimized the server framework based upon our own strategy and recommendations from the Pocket Network team.

Deliverable 7: Ticketing Systems Implementation

Objective: Implement an efficient and user-friendly ticketing system.

Completed Tasks:
We utilised Mava to provide support ticketing via a newly installed Help Desk channel


Thanks for creating a socket @counity !

This socket is open for January, and Ben will get you set up on the payment stream next week.

I’ve created a discord thread for this socket.

Additionally - I’m asking all open Sockets to join us next Thursday for the Builders All-hands. I’d like to encourage people getting paid via the DAO to know what’s going on with the protocol, and have a forum to ask questions and cross pollinate. Matteo will run the first half w/ developers & protocol, and then I’d take the second half to review sockets work. The goal here being more cross-pollination and collaboration, so looking forward to you showing up and sharing on Thursday!


Discord Tech-Support - January Report
Over the past month, I have dedicated 8 hrs 43 mins across 10 work sessions to offer Discord Tech-Support and develop initiatives for the Pocket Network community. Each session averaged 52 mins. My contributions have streamlined communication channels, improved security measures, and fostered a more inclusive and efficient environment for both new and existing community members.

Here’s a breakdown of my contributions, aligned with Pocket Network’s ambition of fostering the healthiest culture and governance among DAOs:

Key Contributions

Upgraded Server Efficiency with ┣🛑│Discord-Help SOPs

I established the ┣🛑│discord-help channel on our Discord server, serving as a resource for Foundation, Moderator, Grove, and Support roles. This channel is dedicated to providing solutions for common server management challenges. Team members can initiate a thread to discuss specific issues they encounter. CoUnity’s role involves assisting with troubleshooting and converting resolved issues into Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for future reference.

Specific SOPs Developed:

  1. Roles and Permissions Guide:
  • Created a comprehensive guide on setting roles and permissions for new channels.
  • Included a Loom video tutorial demonstrating the channel creation and configuration process.
  • Linked to Discord’s official documentation for additional learning.
  • Click here to watch the video tutorial.
  1. Channel Archiving Guide:
  • Developed a guide and instructional video on archiving unused Discord channels.
  • Ensured preservation and accessibility of channel data for community reference.
  • Click here to watch the video tutorial.

These resources in the ┣🛑│discord-help channel will assist the Pocket Network team managing the Discord server efficiently, ensuring that everyone is well-equipped to handle various aspects of Discord server administration. The creation of these SOPs not only resolves immediate issues but also builds a knowledge base for ongoing and future needs within the Pocket Network Discord community.

Ecosystem Roles & Permissions Update

I introduced a new role category titled “Ecosystem Teams” on the Pocket Network Discord server’s backend. This category is designed to streamline the management of key partners and contributors within the Pocket Network ecosystem.

Creation of Specific Roles for Ecosystem Teams:

  • Developed various roles under the “Ecosystem Teams” category for key partners and contributors.

  • These roles facilitate efficient management and transparency within the server.

  • Enables staff to quickly create new channels and assign access to relevant ecosystem teams, bypassing the need to add users individually.

Adjustment of Role Permissions and Aesthetics:

  • Refined the permissions and visual appearance of several popular roles to enhance clarity and server navigation.
  • Ensured the logical progression and hierarchy of roles within the server.
  • Updated icons for notable roles to improve visual recognition and server aesthetics.
  • Introduced a “Newbie” role specifically for new members joining the ecosystem, aiding in their integration and community orientation.

The creation of the “Ecosystem Teams” role category and the subsequent adjustments to role permissions and appearances have significantly improved the efficiency of channel management and the overall user experience on the server. These changes align with Pocket Network’s goals of fostering a transparent, well-structured, and welcoming community environment.

Node Runner Onboarding Quest with Wonderverse

I have developed the outline for an onboarding quest to regulate access to the Node Runner category on the Pocket Network Discord server. The implementation of this quest with Wonderverse aims to elevate the quality of discussions and minimize irrelevant or spammy posts in the Node Runner chats. The quest is structured to be both educational and engaging, ensuring that new members are well-equipped with the necessary knowledge about Node Running before granting them access to the Node Runner category.

Objective and Benefits:

  • The quest serves as an effective educational tool, providing new members with crucial information about Node Running.
  • It acts as a quality filter, ensuring that only genuinely interested and informed members participate in the Node Runner discussions.
  • By requiring completion of the quest, we aim to maintain high-quality conversations and prevent the Node Runner category from being diluted with irrelevant content.

Node Runner Initiation Quest Outline for Feedback:

  • Introductory Text Step: A welcome message outlining the quest’s purpose and what members will learn about Node Running.
  • Data Gathering: A survey to assess members’ experience level with Node Running.
  • Informational Link Click: Direct members to essential Node Running information on the Pocket Network.
  • YouTube Video Like Verification: Members are asked to like a specific instructional video on Node Running.
  • Answering a Text Question: Members demonstrate their understanding by answering a question related to the provided resources.
  • Final Verification Step: Members make a pledge or acknowledgment, confirming their readiness to constructively participate in the Node Runner chats.

I invite feedback from the community on this quest outline. Your input will help refine the quest, ensuring it effectively prepares new members for engaging in the Node Runner category and maintains the integrity and quality of discussions. Please share your thoughts and suggestions on how we can further optimize this quest for the benefit of the Pocket Network community.

Minor Contributions

  1. Upgraded Moderator Roles:
  • Promoted Bruce and Jerry to Trusted Admins on Wickbot, significantly enhancing server security management. This upgrade empowers them to handle security issues more effectively.
  1. Wickbot Spam Filter Update:
  • Refined Wickbot’s spam filter to automatically ban users posting repetitive spam, drastically reducing unwanted noise and improving the chat environment.
  1. Role Management by Grove Members:
  • Enabled Grove members to manage roles, streamlining server administration and allowing for quicker and more efficient role assignment and adjustments.
  1. Whitelisting in PNF x Collaborations Category:
  • Ensured all messages under the :brick: x :ocean:〉PNF x Collaborations category are not blocked by Discord Automod, fostering uninterrupted communication and collaboration.
  1. Tracking Support Role Contributions:
  • Added the Support role to the Community One Tracking sheet, ensuring precise tracking of their contributions for better analytics and recognition of their efforts.
  1. Facilitating SOP Discussions:
  • Organized a discussion with Jinx, Bruce, Jerry, and Alex to explore additional SOPs for the ┣🛑│discord-help channel, aiming to expand the resource base for server management.
  1. Streamlining Server Roles and Channels:
  • Deleted the inactive Scholar role and archived the Discord Feedback channel, optimizing server layout and focus on active, impactful elements.
  1. Wonderverse Documentation and Collaboration:
  • Thoroughly reviewed Wonderverse Documentation and consulted with Andros from Wonderverse, enhancing our ability to assist Zak with quest setup and management tailored to the Pocket Network ecosystem.
  1. Regular Tech Support Meetings with Zak:
  • Conducted weekly meetings with Zak, providing tech support and discussing progress, ensuring continuous alignment and adaptation to Pocket Network’s evolving needs.

Describing Your Impact

The initiatives have had a tangible impact on the Pocket Network community by:

  • Enhancing server management efficiency, saving time, and reducing operational stress for moderators and team members.
  • Fostering a more organized and secure server environment, contributing to the community’s overall health and governance.
  • Educating and preparing new members through the Node Runner Quest, promoting quality participation and engagement.

Thanks @counity this is a great update, appreciate all the details and ofc appreciate the work you’ve done to make our discord work better! Socket remains OPEN for February.

Some general notes:

  • I’d love to get @Jerry and @bruceyin to leave some thoughts on if the SOPs are useful or how they can be improved.
  • I’d also appreciate if they had other needs if they could bring them up here. As Core Contributors to the DAO they should feel comfortable reaching out to any sockets for things they need, and you and them overlap considerably in work.


  • I’d like to identify other teams that should live under the ecosystem group invites. Maybe you and I have a sidebar to figure out who they should be?
  • We’re changing the name of Sockets to Quick Grants to be more consistent across ecosystems, which is more of an FYI in case you see that changing.


  • love the idea of quests as a barrier to entry for our discord. Node Runners is a great start and I’d love to get some actual node runners involved in this. Let’s identify a few (or if any NodeRunners want to volunteer?).
  • what should come after noderunners?

Appreciate the thorough report Peter!

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Hey Zak!

In my opinion, the SOPs are helpful for the standardizing our processing, and provide the procedures for reference.

The security bots set by @counity are amazing! If we could also have a list combined the commands of these bots on a single doc, that would be a pretty useful source.