New DAO Board Observer appointment process

As a follow-up to the post in December, this post focuses on how we plan to add observers to PNF’s board.

Identified talent needs for PNF’s board

While the DAO is free to approve whichever board observer it would like (subject to PNF’s right to remove any nominations that are deemed as spam or not in line with POKT Network’s DNA), see below for profiles that we believe would add the most impact to the board. Note that PNF will use its judgment to appoint at least one new board observer as well, most likely a technical leader/visionary. However, if we come across an exceptional candidate who we believe can drive a lot of impact for the ecosystem, we may add another.

Need 1: Technical leader/visionary

  • Position: Technical Leader (Future Focused CTO concept) - Board Director (but can be an observer instead, depending on the circumstances)

  • Why We Need This: PNF is a key steward of the POKT Network ecosystem. A core component of this is to capitalise on opportunities presented by technology advancement (technical partnerships, commercial opportunities) and to protect the ecosystem from threats (Existential technical shifts, time and resources rabbitholes/graveyards). The Technical Leader will support the board by acting as the main technical lead within the foundation and act as a conduit to technical teams across the ecosystem. They will play a major role in product strategy and evangelism for the ecosystem.

  • Key Requirements:

    1. Knowledge: In-depth understanding of web3 ecosystem and blockchains, and particular knowledge of developer needs and trends.
    2. Skills: Experienced as previous CTO or Technical leader of a web3 protocol, Excellent communicator and public speaker, or experienced leader ideally as a founder or founding team member for major rollup or protocol.
    3. Attitude: Candid, Driven, Focused

Need 2: Industry leader

  • Position: Industry Leader - Board Observer

  • Why We Need This: POKT is still relatively unknown and is seeking to increase awareness and consideration among core devs at major protocols. The industry leader will support the board with knowledge and other relationships that help us pursue these objectives. This Industry leader need may be met by the Technical Leader, or it may be a standalone appointment.

  • Key Requirements:

    • Knowledge: Deep industry knowledge and network across web3, blockchains and protocols
    • Skills: Exceptional communication, Strong Collaboration and relationship building, Entrepreneurial and business scaling experience
    • Attitude: Candid, Driven, Focused

DAO-appointed Board observer approval process

The DAO will appoint one new board observer using the following process:

  1. An open four-week period for prospective board observer candidates to nominate themselves, starting on Wednesday, 31 January 2024, and ending on Wednesday, 28 February 2024.

  2. At least two of the community calls within this period will devote time to sharing more information about the process, as well as to provide the opportunity for candidates to share information about themselves.

  3. Each nomination should be a response to this post on the forum by the person who wishes to join the board.

  4. PNF will have the right to remove any submission if someone’s submission is not for themselves, is spam, contains a personal attack, or otherwise does not align with POKT Network’s DNA.

  5. This will be followed by a two-week voting period commencing on Friday 1 March 2024, and ending on Friday 15 March 2024.

  6. At least two of the community calls within this period will devote time to sharing more information about the process, as well as to provide the opportunity for candidates to share information about themselves.

  7. The approved new board observer will be appointed for 12 months, with the DAO having the right to renew their term or appoint someone else at the end of the 12 month period.

  8. Board observers will be paid $25k per year (paid monthly) in POKT (using the trailing 7D average price) from PNF’s treasury.

  9. The new board observer will have the right to attend and speak (but not vote) at PNF’s monthly board meetings.

Implementation details

Since board observers have an informal advisory role, this DAO-appointed board observer mechanism does not require an approved PIP. If there is any operational feedback on this mechanism, we can listen and adapt as needed in an agile fashion.

If PNF finds a suitable person to join the board as a director, not an observer, the normal director appointment approval process must be followed, which requires a vote passed with majority approval from the DAO. You can see PNF’s articles here for reference.


For board observers, I believe the most important thing is to:

  1. Find someone who will hold PNF accountable. PNF has worked on a self-accounting principal to date, which will always disincentivize true accountability. An independent member, not hired or friends with PNF should be at least one of the board observers. Self-accounting is a failure of all organisations who practise it, this isn’t unique to PNF, but should be corrected.

  2. We’ve already tried hiring an ‘Industry Leader’ in Stephane Gosselin. They ended up being fired for not doing any work but being paid regardless. See point 1) for why this was a failure of PNF.

  3. At least 1 board observer should be from the community. It’s the community that makes Pocket what it is, and should be allowed a representative to observe, advise and work with PNF.


Who’s on your shortlist @Cryptocorn - both industry leader and community wise?

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This is false/misleading on multiple fronts. Stephane was not paid for his role at PNF and he was not fired. He was a director at PNF during an era where it was not intended to be an active steward of the ecosystem. He stepped down due to having a lot on his plate and with PNF evolving into a more active entity it made sense to remove him as part of PIP-26. Given that he was not ever intended to be an active director, and he predated PIP-26 and all current members of PNF, it is not right to frame this as a failure of PNF.