[INTRODUCTION] Pocket Network Chinese Hub

Welcome to Pocket Network Chinese(中文)Hub!

We are more than pleased to release Pocket Network Chinese Hub! A new community initiative led by Leo from DN Labs, our long-term supporter and builder in the Pocket’s ecosystem.

We aimed to bridge the language gap between the English community and the Chinese folks, localize the updates from Pocket Network to help the Chinese folks catch it up.

We also create the localized contents to help our Chinese folks bypass the language barrier and understand Pocket Network deeply.

With the rolling updates and contents, and routine events in the Chinese community, we are confident to bring the valuable information to our Chinese folks, keep the community engaged, and build the strong confidence among them.

Special thanks to @Ming for making it happened. We are expecting to be a robust link on the growth chain of Pocket Network, bring more community members and relay demands in the future!

About DN Lab: Deep Narrative Lab was founded by Ian and Leo, a prolific crypto builder in China, an early supporter of Pocket Network, and has built various popular products such as POKT China Pool, rpclist.info, etc. DN Lab will be committed to promoting Pocket Network in China and expanding the community in the long run.


Both the DN Lab’s team (lead by Ian and Leo), and Bruce has been strong supporters of Pocket for many years, and have already been helping to engage and create a Chinese community for our ecosystem.

Onboarding them as one of the launching regional community hubs was a no-brainer, and one that I’m confident will continue to create more reach and value for our communities in the APAC region!


Thanks for your supporting, General Ming :saluting_face: