Head of Socials - Hello 👋

Hey everyone! I’m very excited to be joining PNF as the Head of Socials.

I’ll give a quick intro and also leave the floor open to any questions or thoughts you might have related to social media and what I plan to do at POKT.

About me

I’m Laryssa, born and raised in Brazil but currently living in Lisbon, Portugal. One of my biggest passions is exploring new cultures and visiting countries around the world. I also love animals and have a one-and-a-half-year-old mini Australian Shepherd that requires lots of long walks and runs.

Before POKT, I worked at Ankr where I grew the secondary social account from 0-50k followers and the main Twitter account to 220k followers, more recently I have also worked at Binance, and Injective Labs, leading social and community efforts. My journey in Web3 dates back to 2019, where I felt very aligned with the ideology and philosophy of the industry, especially around financial decentralization.

What does my role entail?

At POKT, I’ll be leading all social media strategy, social activities, and growth within social channels, which include but are not limited to Twitter, LinkedIn, Farcaster and Reddit.

My main goals in the short term are to:

  • Build a strong base in the lead-up to Shannon.
  • Re-engage and expand the community on Twitter.
  • Educate the wider audience about POKT and RPCs.

You can expect to see a lot more activity on the channels and some new and exciting campaigns coming soon!

I appreciate any feedback and thoughts you might have related to social media!

Next steps and immediate priorities:

  1. Build an enhanced content calendar and define the cadence of content.
  2. Fine-tune and develop the existing strategy.
  3. Draft campaigns to grow the social media and community audience.

I am always open to chatting with any member of the community who wants to discuss Social Media, Community, and Marketing: Calendly - Laryssa Medeiros

I appreciate it if you read to the end! :blush:


Welcome @laryssamedeiros !

For anyone who wants to meet Laryssa and chat with us about the marketing plans for POKT Network, please join our office hours on Thursday in Discord.


Welcome to POKT network.


Really looking forward to meeting you, Laryssa! I love your background and I know that you will really drive POKT socials forward! Welcome!


Welcome to our beloved POKT Network!


Welcome to POKT Network. Looking forward to seeing you in action! :smiley:


Welcome to Pocket! :wave:t2: