CLOSED: QG // Documentation Improvement - Developer Audience + Coordination

Documenation Socket Proposal

Planned Outcomes

This proposal is to deliver improvements and on-going support to the POKT documentation with a focus on the Developer Audience. The goal of this project is to:

  • Create new content pages and guides for developers using POKT including popular Web3 tools and libraries
  • Improvement of current guides including setup and any related maintenance
  • Enhance the Developer Experience based on community feedback, analysis of similar docs and documentation best practices.

These proposed outcomes will be met by performing the following:

  • Data analysis of relevant Discord channels for common issues and questions to identify the most relevant and impactful content pages to create.
  • Code review and test of the current code samples to ensure they are still working and relevant.
  • Working with technical and engineering stakeholders/community members to understand gaps in content that is deprecated and any upcoming changes to note.


  • Report covering the data analysis and community interactions to understand the needed content areas
  • New technical Guides and Tutorials for developers, node operators, and gateways.
  • Continuous improvement of current documentation designed for the developer audience
  • Collaboration with others in the process of documentation and website maintenance including editing, design and engineering.


I have recently completed a project to improve the information architecture and content of the POKT documentation. This involved auditing the current content, making edits in the Gitbook and design changes to diagrams. This experience has helpe me get more familiar with POKT and the POKT community.

In addition to this, I have been working as a freelance technical writer in the Web3 space for 2.5 years now building documentation for various protocols and projects. Details of my experience can be found in my portfolio here -

Proposal and Estimates

Listed below are the planned immediate actions.

Activity Time Estimate Deliverable
Data Collection and Analysis 2 Weeks Report on Data and prority content pages to add/improve
New Content Planning 1 Week Document outlining the new content pages and information architecture
Deploy and Review of new content 2 Weeks Acting and deploying the changes of the feedback

Pricing: 3,000 USD/USDC per month

ETH Address: 0x24bF6580ED276b6ff33269DD361eE00FE3a2c912 / dappadan.eth


Hey @DappaDan - just confirming that this is open starting April 1 - your stream might be a couple days behind due to the holiday but i’ll make sure you’re settled next week.

Please open a grant in Karma GAP. I’ve got a brief write-up here;

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Hey @DappaDan I need you to include your eth wallet for payment please

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Added to the original post, thanks!

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Closing down this Grant as we didn’t get an update this month. Feel free to re-engage with us when you’re back @DappaDan .

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